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28 October 2012 @ 10:09 pm
another weekend, other fandoms  
Elementary is probably my favorite new show, like, ever. I love the way that Jonny Lee Miller plays this Sherlock, a more rugged one, full of tattoos all over his body, that has a clipped diction, a precise way with words, an explosive temper and is a recovering addict. He strikes me as a more complex character than Cumberbatch's (and BBC's), not that Sherlock is not complex, but this one is more mysterious. Yes, I guess this is the description I'm looking for. There is a lot just under the surface, asking to be brought out, and it adds to an even more drama-filled act as Watson tries to figure it all out. Lucy Liu's female Watson was what actually got me curious about watching Elementary and even got it bumped into the first place of my list of new TV shows to watch and I'm going to say it didn't disappoint. In fact, the interactions between this female Watson (especially the last scene of the last episode) and the recovering drug addict Sherlock are quite endearing. I don't know, it feels like it adds a bit of fragility to the king of the thoughts that is Sherlock and it breaks a bit of his façade as the mightyest that he needs a sober companion, even though he does even the table by saying she's his "personal vallet" or his "body guard". I just miss the special effects BBC's Sherlock does. Makes the cases just a bit dull. Still, it's pretty awesome and really worth the watching.

Arrow was one show that didn't really stick until after the third episode. I was really looking forward to the show because c'mon, a guy that's hot and goes around shooting arrows at some bad guys? And wears a hood not a mask? I didn't have much more to ask for. (Then of course I did some research and discovered that it was based after the Green Hunter and that it was a part of the DCU and it made me even more excited afterwards). Too bad the show started out a bit on the slow side. But it started growing on me with the action and Dig and Thea are pretty awesome and she makes me want to either go partying with her or hug her and tell her it's going to be okay. Some times both. And the action scenes are nice and there's so much potential I get the chills just thinking of the epicness it could become. I can't even fathom. Yeah, it's good.

American Horror Story: Asylum has gotten me afraid I won't sleep at night. For real. I loved the first season because it was scary but not the supernatural kinda scary, the one that makes you jump and then it's good because it's just dead people. I have a thing with demons and exorcisms and catholic mental illness centers that just thinking about it gives me the chills and it's just the theme of the new AHS. I was really almost closing the window and forgetting the show altogether but I went through it and I plan on watching it again because I have to get over this trauma I've had when I was like eight and this will help a lot. But I'll still tremble in fear and probably spend half of the night awake. Let's see if it's really worth it. The first time season was, so I hope this one is too.

ETA: On the Road is a fantastic read, I've joined mini_nanowrimo and I'm going to watch 666 Park Avenue and Beauty and the Beast sometime this week and Batwoman: Elegy is my first comic book read ever.
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